Letter Questions Mansfield Mayor about MVFD Funds


The following letter was recently sent to the attention of Mansfield Mayor, Larry Austin, and copied to the Mansfield City Council members, Mansfield City Recorder/Treasurer, and news sources on January 30, 2017. The letter is displayed below.

In a call to Mayor Austin (Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017 at 10:47am) when RP asked for a comment, he stated “I’m not aware of any letter, Thanks.” and ended the  phone call.

However, we did speak with a council member who stated, “This has been an ongoing concern, which will cause insurance rates to go up for those in the coverage area, and that is unacceptable.”

Referencing the concerned citizen’s perspective in regards to the current state of the Fire Department finances, and vehicles, the Mansfield City Council – January (Link to original article) meeting referenced these issues, but the focus of that meeting seemed to be centered around the progress of the walking trail in Mansfield City Park.

It would seem that the walking trail, and its progress would be a mute point when it comes to the funding, and needed repairs of the Mansfield Volunteer Fire Department. The members of our community who rely on the efforts of that department in the event of an emergency deserve more, as do the members of the department.

(Image courtesy of Mansfield VFD Facebook)

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4 Replies to “Letter Questions Mansfield Mayor about MVFD Funds”

  1. Pissed off Tiger says:

    Makes you wonder what else is happening that’s not known about or has been lied about.

  2. Carol says:

    I’m glad someone is finally asking questions!

  3. J. Elmore says:

    This is a black eye on this wonderful community. Shameful.

  4. CCOM says:

    It’s about time someone does some more investigating and see where and what this mayor is actually doing for the betterment of this town, the businesses and the citizens.

    All I hear is that he micro manages every city employee, ruining a good work force and driving around looking for things to put his name on.e. We dont need a stupid walking path!

    The town smells also. I blame him for that as well.

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