Lets Get Growing With Quint Hodges


So you’ve thought about raising a garden, but decided it would be much easier to buy your vegetables at Wal-Mart. While it may be true, there are things that maybe you haven’t considered. Things that may actually surprise you!

Fresh picked vegetables have a much better taste than what you can buy at any store. Sure you can get fresh vegetables at your local farmers market, but there is still more to think about.

When you raise your own garden you get the satisfaction of knowing, “I grew this.” Additionally, while you’re providing food for your family, you’re aware of what pesticides are being used, if any. Every year we hear about store bought fruits and vegetables that are being recalled.

Gardening is also good exercise, and can help cut the cost of your grocery bill. It is like having your own little store in your back yard. It is open 24 hours and you don’t have to wait in a checkout line.

It is an excellent way to stay connected to your children. It gets them outside, off the phone, and away from the television. Let your kids help you in the garden. Learn how to grow your own food together. Your kids will be more likely to try new vegetables if they helped plant it and watched it grow.

When you raise a garden you can share your produce with your friends and neighbors. Everyone likes to get fresh homegrown vegetables. Let’s face it if you have the room for a garden you might as well plant one.

You can either raise some food or mow the grass. Just remember to have fun!

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