Lavaca’s Hope Headley Named to the West All-Star Team!


All-Star Hope Headley

Congratulations to Hope Headley on another great Volleyball accomplishment. Hope has been named to the West All-Star Volleyball Team. For anyone who knows her, Hope is an extremely competitive athlete. She is also humble enough to acknowledge that her individual success is based on the success and caliper of her teammates. Coach Headley had this to say about Hope, “Hope has been a great player and leader for us over the years. But she would tell you, and I will as well, that she has had great teammates around her. Hope being selected as an All star is just a testament to the quality of team and girls we had.”

Hope and her coach have a unique relationship. Hope is the daughter of Coach Mark Headley. Mark has had the opportunity to coach both of his children at Lavaca. It is not easy to coach your own kids, but Coach Headley was able to and bring out the best in them. It’s not always been easy on Hope or Hayden either. If your paying attention, Coach doesn’t cut them much slack. He holds them accountable to the extent of their abilities.

Coach Headley takes great pride in the achievements of all of his players, regardless of sport. While he joyfully celebrates the achievements of all of his players, this one is something pretty special. He had this to say about his coaching relationship with Hope, “It has been a joy to get to coach Hope. I have been very hard on both of my kids and had very high expectations. Hope has taken those high expectations I have had for her and really excelled. I will miss her and this team for sure!” I am sure that I speak for many in Lavaca when I say that, we are all proud of Hope and will miss seeing her on the court next year.

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