Lavaca Police Fundraiser Dares the Weather


Officers Wilson and Officer Smith pictured.

   On Saturday, May 18,
the Lavaca Police Department and its supporters held a fundraiser at the Lavaca
Senior Activity Center.  Proceeds of the
event were to go to the Lavaca Police Department and the Fort Smith Crisis
Intervention Center. 

   You could feel the joy of the day with the
attitudes of the folks who came to support the cause!  There was live music beneath the awning from
the group “Highway 124”.  The police cars
were all parked proudly surrounding the music. 
Inside the activity center, tables were covered with freshly baked goods
for the Bake Sale.  Tickets were sold to
guests who hoped to win the Silent Auction. 
Gift Cards from Wal-Mart, restaurants and garages were covering
tables.  A homemade rocker, detail kits
for cars, hats, and much more were part of the silent auction as well. (I
bought 10 tickets toward the Wal-Mart $50 gift certificate but didn’t get
called!  Rats!)  A food truck that sometimes operates on Main
Street parked near the building and our on drive-in R&A’s served folks out
front.  Proceeds were earmarked to help
with the fundraiser.

   Everything was going
just great until the clouds began to roll in and the rains came.  Being the troopers they are, the band moved
indoors and the festivities continued undaunted until the clouds dropped and
people stayed home or ran to storm shelters. 

   Chief Randy Toon didn’t
have a total at the time I called but said that they had things left.  The plan is to have an online auction for the
items that didn’t get to sell before they stopped because of the weather.  We’ll report that soon. 

   Thank you to all of
the policemen and helpers at this event! 
You did a great job!

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