Lavaca Middle School GT Students Explore War Eagle Cavern


On Friday, October 4, the Lavaca Middle School Gifted and Talented students, along with their teacher Mrs. Krista Hinton, got back to nature and explored the wonderful opportunities provided by War Eagle Cavern.

Students were taken on a 1-hour guided tour of the cavern where they learned about the local history surrounding the War Eagle area.  During their time in the cavern, students learned about local bat species, water flows and falls, as well as how scientists determine the age of a cavern. They were also treated to an in-depth look at artifacts left behind during the shooting of the film, Frank and Jesse (1994), which was shot on location at War Eagle Cavern.

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After the cavern tour, students explored the grounds, completed a “learning maze”, participated in a fossil dig, and were able to observe sink-holes around the cavern.

Finally,  students were given the opportunity to pan for gemstones.  They discovered gems that are native to Arkansas as well as those from around the world, and they got to keep what they found!      

War Eagle Cavern is a great place to learn and explore! 

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