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The Lavaca Public Library sponsored its first in a series of Share & Tell programs on Tuesday night, March 25. Local librarian Sara Meredith McCormick enlisted the help of Jack James, curator of the Military Road Museum of Lavaca to present local history. A good crowd of local patrons attended.

Jack gave a talk about the origins of the local area from the founding of Moore’s Rock in the early 1800s through the mid-1900s. Artifacts and photographs from the museum were on display for visitors to see. “History is everywhere,” Jack said in the presentation. Illustrating his point was a simple gourd that was used to carry black powder in the Civil War, a homemade cold chisel used to cut sandstone to build the WPA/NYA gymnasium and quilting blocks to name a few.

Guests bought their own artifacts as well and presented them to the gathering. After a short lecture, people asked questions, shared their memories and stories as well.

Other Share and Tell nights will be announced in the future. Take advantage of these informative and interesting moments that our local library is offering.

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