Lavaca Home Burns


Lavaca Home Burns

The neighborhoods on and around Joyce Drive in Lavaca were
wakened in the early morning on Saturday, July 6 by firetrucks answering the
911 call of a house fire on their street. 
The house on 2203 Joyce Drive, owned by Shawn Rush, was in flames.  Fire departments from Lavaca, Riverdale, Big
Creek and Barling answered the call somewhere around 1:30 am.  The house suffered severe damage, visible in
the darkness, which will be more evident in the daylight.

Local fireman Smith said, “The fire appears to have been caused by his vehicle that was parked in the enclosed garage but the owner is safe. We were on a call from a tree that had been struck by lightning in Barling already.”  Mr. Rush was standing alone across the street, dressed in his night clothes and, of course, was visibly shaken. 

Firemen had pulled the garage door away from the house to
fight the burning car and where the fire had moved into the attic and
surrounding rooms.

Joyce Drive is a major street in Lavaca’s quiet Berry Ridge
addition and connects Highway 255 to North River Road.

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