Lavaca High Seniors Prepare to enter the “Real World”


Lavaca Seniors prepared today to enter the real world. Today was the 15th Annual Senior Seminar hosted by Lavaca High School. Lavaca seniors spent the day learning basic first aid and CPR, as well as how to write a resume and interview for jobs in the work force.

Lavaca High School Principal, Felicia Owen made the following statement about this annual event, “LHS started Senior Seminar approximately 15 years ago in an effort to prepare students for job interviews, resume writing, and financial planning. Today’s seminar also includes CPR and basic first aid training to meet the state requirement for all students in Arkansas. There were 6 sessions of mock interviews that included both one on one and panel interviews. Prior to the mock interviews, Whirlpool Senior Analyst, Gina Bowen, taught the seniors about interview etiquette and dos/don’ts of the interview process. Principal, Felicia Owen, would like to express sincere appreciation for all the community members and businesses that partnered with LHS to make today’s event a success!!”

Lavaca High School does a great job of preparing the kids in the charge for a future. Whether they are planning to head off to a university, trade school, or straight to the workforce, Arrow Alumni will be set up for success. The schools mission is “The mission of Lavaca High School is to provide a safe environment with caring, qualified educators, well-rounded curriculum and activities which will guide students toward a successful future.” Events like the Senior Seminar, not only support that mission but also fulfills that mission.

Lavaca High School would like to send a special thank you to the following for helping to make this event successful: Gina Bowen, Whirlpool Senior Analyst; Nicole McEntire, Human Resource Consultant; Vicki Anderson,First National Bank Vice-President; Gracie Gilberth, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services Pre-ETS Counselor; Matt Holland, Mars Company Shift Manager; Bill McCorkle, Retired Arkhola Sales Manager; Lorie Robertson,Chaffee Crossing Director of Marketing; Lucinda White, Parrot Island Assistant General Manager.

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