Lavaca High School to add Jousting next year!


Breaking News!!!!

Lavaca High School announced today that they have decided to add the sport of Jousting to their 2019-2020 athletics calendar. This sport will run from December through February and Jousting Tournaments will be held on opposite days from Basketball to allow kids to participate in both. Coach Brian Schlinker will be heading up the Jousting team and there are at least a couple of seniors, Trevon “T-Man” Moore and Jimmy “call me big Pappi” Hall, have decided to drop out of school now, so not to graduate this spring. They plan to re-enroll in the fall hoping to make the team. If you can sit a horse and hold a long stick you have a shot of making the team.

One thing is for sure…It will be interesting! Lavaca is hoping that this sport will catch on so that in the near future they can add the Sword and Long Bow to the list of sports. We at Resident Press are excite about the addition of these “Combat” sports and hope to see the community support them. We also, would like to wish everyone a very happy April Fools Day.

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