Lavaca High School Recognized academically.


The Office for Education Policy (OEP), University of Arkansas, released the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards: highlighting high-growth Arkansas schools for 2018. Lavaca High School (LHS) was named as being one of the Top 10 high schools in Arkansas based on ACT Aspire English Language Arts (ELA) growth. The OEP Awards highlights schools based on student growth on the ACT Aspire exams in Math and ELA. This award differs from prior awards because it focuses on student growth and demonstrates how the school is impacting students. The growth is calculated on how much a student improved his or her score from the prior year.

Principal, Felicia Owen stated that “the growth in student scores and school recognition goes to the teachers that have focused on improving reading and writing over the last several years. LHS grade level and content area teams meet monthly to evaluate data and plan cross-curricular activities that hold students to a high standard. Student choice is embedded in differentiated instruction based on student surveys of what helps them learn. A lot of planning is involved with lessons of this type but the student growth and success makes it all worthwhile.”

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