Lavaca claims another State Championship! Way to Go Jess!


Jessica Flanagan rolling strikes!

Lavaca High School has another State Champion! This has been a magical year for Jessica Flanagan. As a member of the Lavaca High Volleyball team she was runner up in the State tournament. Yesterday, however, Jessica was able to capture the very coveted title of State Champion. Jessica rolled a 200, 186, and 186 for a total of 572 to win the Individual title in the 1A-3A State Championship in Bowling.

1A-3A State Champ!

Jessica has been bowling since she was very young. She comes from a family of bowlers and she has been rolling bowling balls since she was four years old. Her family is extremely supportive of her endeavors. They have tried for many years to get a bowling team in Lavaca. Until just recently Jessica did not even have an opportunity to compete. But AAA made a change that allows individuals from schools that do not have enough kids for a team to bowl with other kids, from other schools so that they can compete for individual State awards. Jessica told me that she bowled with Hackett as well as Lamar in order to qualify.

She told me that she appreciates the opportunity to compete and hopes to inspire other kids from Lavaca will join her and form a team. One thing that was made apparent in my brief meeting with Jessica is that she has a passion for the sport. Like a true champion she was able to not only recap her journey to the State tournament, but also give self analysis of her games. From Volleyball to bowling and now on to Softball, Jessica Flanagan is passionate, focused, driven, and a fierce competitor. Lavaca should be proud of her and her accomplishments. We at Resident Press would like to offer our sincere congratulations and good luck in her future endeavors.

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  1. Kimberly Flanagan says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain, what Jessica loves best.
    Your article is spot on, and much appreciated.

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