Lavaca Chamber of Commerce September Meeting Minutes


The September meeting was called to order by President Jack James. The following members were in attendance. Dorothy Lawrence, Mary Rollins, Jack James, Holly Creel, Ken VanDusen, Norma VanDusen, Tammy Teague, Zach Johnson, Katherine Waggener, Drake Smith, LeAnn Ellison, Mary Ray, Angela Gillooley. Also in attendance was Guest Speaker Ed Wilkinson.

Treasurer’s Report:
Holly Creel presented the report. $75 was donated by the chamber to the Lavaca Police Department 5k walk. They are raising money for radios for each officer. $278.was spent on bounce around for the back to school bash. All expenses totaled $491.87 for the month. End of month balance was $13,485.58. $1,348.75 was approved to be paid back to LeAnn Ellison for ordering the Lavaca Cruise Night t-shirts. Zach Johnson moved to accept the financials. Ken VanDusen seconded all approved.

Old Business:
LeAnn Ellison presented cruise night information. She has a few cruise t-shirts left at Steffey’s Pizza for sale. She suggested we move cruise night to October due to the heat. Discussion on dates will continue.

Movie in the Park:
Angela Gillooley presented the movie update. She has moved the October movie to Saturday, October 13th at 7 pm inside Lavaca City Hall unless the weather holds up. The movie Hocus Pocus will be shown. November 9th will be gremlins inside Lavaca City Hall at 7 pm. December 14th winner is Elf 7 pm inside Lavaca City Hall.

Music in the Park:
Jack James is working on dates and bands to perform. Tim Goff’s band Wild Card will perform at a later date.

Lavaca Berry Festival:
Jack James and Holly Creel presented the festival update. Several vendors have been added many with double booths. Angela Gillooley added the events in the entertainment Fort Smith magazine as well as DoSouth magazine. Jack James is wanting all chamber members to help advertise for the event. Mary Rollins will contact channel 5. Angela Gillooley suggested making a new flyer to showcase the events that will be at the festival.

New Business:
All members of the Lavaca chamber of commerce get free advertising in the New Sentry. Mary Rollins contacted a couple different members of the chamber and received a check for dues from one business. Several different people contacted Jack James looking for business fronts in Lavaca. One was for a bakery and a sewing shop. We welcome all new businesses. Jack James contacted Ed Wilkinson to speak with the chamber. He spoke with us about making Lavaca bigger and better.

Guest Speaker:
Mr. Ed Wilkinson discussed some family history. He also spoke to us about community and economic growth. He suggested a growth plan . A written economic development plan, Jack James suggested working with the planning commission. Jack talked about us needing small manufacturers. Also things for our community. We need a laundry mat, a hardware store, etc. We need jobs as well. Drake Smith noted that our location is excellent. We discussed families needing bike trails, parks etc. Lavaca has room to spread and grow. Norma VanDusen suggested contacting the Western Arkansas planning committee. Mr. Wilkinson says we need to get our whole community to work together. Our chamber, city council, and community need to work together. Also to get a list of all potential grant opportunities. We are thankful for the time Mr.Wilkinson spent speaking with us.

October 1st at 6 pm will be our next meeting at Lavaca City Hall. All are encouraged to attend.
Having no further business a motion was made by Mary Rollins to adjourn. Drake Smith seconded all approved.

Respectfully Submitted,
Angela Gillooley

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