The committee met in Lavaca’s City Hall on Tuesday evening
to prepare for Lavaca’s upcoming 100th birthday celebration.  The Centennial Committee has chosen October
5, 2019 as the day of celebration. 
Lavaca was legally established, or incorporated, as a town in 1919.  We don’t need an event like this to go
unnoticed!   A group of ten people
representing the city and its citizens are working on different activities to
be held on that date. 

Some of the things that were decided upon, and/or discussed,
include a town picnic, live music, games, historic displays, a parade, car
show, 5K run, rodeo night and many other activities to make a full day of

The city will be burying a time capsule in the City Hall
lawn to be opened, most likely, in 2069. 
Some of the items to include were talked about but all of the committee
wants to know what our citizens would like to put in the vault.  If you have any ideas what you would like to
see place in the vault for a future generation or two, you can reply in the
comments below and the committee will review them.

All of Lavaca and its current and past citizens need to mark
their calendars for October 5 and help make this a day that they will still be
talking about when they meet to reveal the vault in fifty years!

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