Landmark Returns!


Several weeks ago, the motorists on Highways 22 and 96 witnessed something that alarmed them deeply! The local (if not state) landmark of the famous Budweiser Beer Can Silo was being sandblasted and the end was coming to an era. Local citizens were taking to the streets to see if the rumors were true. They were.

But have no fear, citizens! The silo at Belle Point Beverages is getting a fresh coat of paint and it’s iconic logo is being restored! The painting began on Friday, March 15 and will be completed soon.

The ‘Beer Can Silo” is known statewide as the world’s largest beer can. People from around the country have become familiar with the landmark as well. Whether you enjoy a cold Budweiser or not, the notoriety of having such a landmark appeals to most everyone. Welcome back, bud.

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