Jr Tigers Rise To The Top


The Mansfield Jr High boys demonstrated excellent ball skills in last nights game against Greenland. The final score was 46-25 Tigers. “I was still out 6 players with the flu,” says Coach Kent Elmore. “Defensive breakdown was the focus on our practices over the last couple of days. The players really bought in and were able to shut down the Pirates for most of the game.” Ethan Pettus led the team with 19 points and Steven Perez added 13. Zayne Dugan secured 12 points while Tyler Escalante and Austin Carlton made a combined 3. Next up for the (7-6) Tigers is West Fork. “We feel very confident going to West Fork on Friday. Hopefully, we will be back to complete health and get a big win right before our District Tournament,” expressed Coach Elmore.

Alyson Edwards and Skylynn Harris

For the (6-7) Lady Tigers game, the girls executed well on both sides of the ball. The entire team played a very consistent game. Coach Erica McKay fills us in on the match.“The players that came off the bench for us were Haylee Helms, Olivia Bouse, and Serenity Brunson. They really stepped up and provided us with good solid minutes when we were in foul trouble. I have expressed how important it is to be able to have depth and to be able to rely on the girls coming off of the bench. They were more consistent handling the ball, getting us rebounds, and putting pressure on the ball and passes.” Mansfield will face the West Fork Tigers on Friday, February 1st at 4 p.m. “For our upcoming game against West Fork, we have to focus on making our easy shots and not committing unnecessary fouls when we are in a good defensive position,” Coach McKay explained.

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