Jr Hornets Miraculous Finish


It was an incredible race to the finish line for the Hackett Jr High Hornets. Both teams showed up with fire in the eyes and determination in their bones and they were ready to show the JC Westside Rebels that there was only one ruler of their nest.

Teonna Best

The Jr Lady Hornets stepped out onto the court, needing a victory. Sitting 0-2 was leaving a bad taste in their mouths and they had had enough. Setting the pace, the Lady Hornets were able to keep the score to 11-8 Rebels, by halftime. Starting the second half, the ladies kicked it into high gear and set the court ablaze. The game was forced into overtime and the Lady Hornets walked away victorious 24-20 and bringing their record to 1-2.

Madeline Freeman

After the Lady Hornets secured the first win of the night, the Hornets were ready to keep things rolling. From tip-off, the boys were quick on there feet refusing to slow down for anything. With sweat on their brow and exhaustion setting in, Hackett led 18-11 at halftime. Ready to finish off the Rebels, the Hornets came back with even more fury and closed the game winners 36-30 while upgrading their record to 4-1.

Ethan Slavens

The Hornets will head to Danville to flush the Little Johns on Friday January 18 at 5 pm.

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