Jr High Tigers Lose To Bearcats But Never Gave Up (and never will)


By Megan Hecox

The Mansfield Jr High Tigers might have lost 32-0 in last nights football game against the Booneville Bearcats but they sure didn’t go down without a fight. One thing you will never see this group of young men do is quit when they are down.

In the first half of the game, the Tigers Defense were busy keeping their feet going non-stop as they kept the Bearcats Offense on their toes. Ryan Hayslip, Drew Elmore, Dalton Pettigrew and the rest of the Tigers Defense were all on top of their tackling game last night. Offensively, the Tigers kept their poise and pushed the Booneville Defense to their limits. Quarterback Zayne Dugan was able to successfully complete passes to Austin Carlton, Drew Elmore, and Caleb Collier. The Jr High Tigers went into halftime with the score reading 32-0.

Whatever the Coaches might have said to the Tigers during their halftime pep talk sure did the trick because Mansfield came out with fierce determination in their eyes. With aggressive accuracy, Aaron Brewer and Dalton Pettigrew each recovered Bearcat fumbles. Drew Buckner and Greyson Baggett both got in on the Tigers tackling game as well. But the play that got Mansfield Tiger fans on their feet was a huge Fisher Willsey pass to Stephen Perez for a 61-yard dash down field.

Although the game ended with the scoreboard reading Booneville 32 and Mansfield 0, the Tigers still walked away with their heads held high. Because this is Mansfield. They are Tigers. And that’s just what they do. They stair defeat in the eye and say “Is that all you’ve got?”

Next week on Thursday, October 18th, hit the road with the Tigers as they head to Lamar to raid the Warriors camp with game time starting at 7 pm. 7th grade will play at 5:30 pm.

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