Jr Bulldogs: Strong To The Finish


Pictured is Payton Lipham, Lidge Stinson, Trevor Hunt, and Trenton Hunt. Photos courtesy of Nick Hunt

The Waldron Jr High Bulldogs concluded their football season with a monumental 32-6 win against the Dover Pirates on November 5. The Bulldogs roughed up the Pirates seas by making 22 of their 32 points in the first half alone forcing Dover to wave the white flag. Tuesday nights win leaves Waldron with a 5-3 total season record. The Bulldog’s only losses came from their games against Dardanelle, Pottsville, and Ozark.

Jr High Bulldogs

All season, this Jr High Bulldog squad kept their eye on the prize and played like a true Band of Brothers. They stayed fearless and true no matter how difficult things seemed to get and proved that come next season, as the ninth graders move up and the eight graders lead the new Jr High team, they will be unstoppable contenders against any opponent that dare steps their way. “I’m very proud of this group,” expresses Head Coach, Garett Lazenby. “I cant wait to see what the future holds for them. Go Dogs!”

Final game speech by Coach Lazenby

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