James Fork Water Adding Highway 80 Access


The planning stages are all but completed, and bids are set to start early 2017 for the construction phase of James Fork Water lines to be added along Highway 80, East of Waldron.

Construction, and the line itself will begin near Richmond Mountain, having a pump station installed close to Rebecca Road, and ending at the Yell Country line near Blue Ball. The line will comprise of 26 miles of pipeline.

Property owners were given the opportunity to take advantage of tapped access to the pipeline through early registration which cost $150, as opposed to the regular fee of $750.

We spoke to a few homeowners that will benefit from this pipeline, and all were excited to be given access.

Added note: The installation of a water pump station on Byers Road, off of Highway 378 near Mansfield will assist the Rebecca Road pump station for adequate water pressure along Highway 80.

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