Jaden James Scores Winning Touchdown


Story by Jason Baggett, Owner/Editor – Resident Press

As the Senior High football team took the field last night preparing for their Spring scrimmage at Mansfield High School, there stood a 14 year-old boy with a heart of gold, that bleeds Tiger football.

This is no ordinary boy. In fact, he’s a super hero.

Jaden James was diagnosed early on with several disabilities, autism being the primary diagnosis. But, that doesn’t effect his love for Tiger football, and his older brother, Senior Brennan James, (pictured above).

Wendy James, Jaden’s mother stated, “We were told he would never talk, or walk, and against those opinions, we planned a normal life for him. His older siblings have embraced him, and he s not excluded from anything”

Jaden walks with Mansfield Head Football Coach, Craig Bentley. “It’s game time, Jaden!”

Jaden will lead the MHS Tigers onto their home field. As the sun peaks through the opening, you couldn’t help but see Jaden’s light shine bright.

The crowd cheers as Brennan, and Jaden enter the field.

MHS Tiger Sr. Football huddles before the first snap under the guidance of Coach Bentley.

Jaden readies his helmet as he gets the call to go in as running back.

JADEN SCORES!!!! Surrounded by his teammates, Jaden ran a 7-yard touchdown for the win!!!!

Wendy James, (Jaden’s Mother, Left), and Cindy Willsey (Jaden’s Aunt, Right) cheer on Jaden.

You’re a super hero, Jaden. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. God Bless, you and Go Tigers!

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One Reply to “Jaden James Scores Winning Touchdown”

  1. Hilda Mayo says:

    How precious! A big shout-out of thanks to all who were involved in making this very special event,
    into a very special night for a special guy!

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