In the free time of County Judge, James Forbes


Brooke Yandell, Resident Press Reporter

The Waldron Boys & Girls Club opened their doors in October 1999. Its purpose was to accentuate the lives, and livelihoods of the town, with activities for its youth.

It would serve as a place of safety, fun, education, and promise for the town of Waldron, and the kids who would utilize its facilities.

Hunter Wilson, Boys & Girls Club Athletic Director stated “I remember when Judge Forbes coached me as youngster. With his active roles in our community, he seemed like a perfect fit for what we had planned. Not to mention he would be able to coach his granddaughter.”

Judge Forbes added “I remember coaching with around 2005-2006 with Dave Roets, where we both coached our children. It’s an honor to come back and coach my granddaughter.”

Coach Forbes ended their regular season this past week, and from the above picture, the kids not only enjoyed the game, but their coach.

The Waldron Boys & Girls Club would like to thank their sponsors: R&R Automotive Repair, C&C Steel, Southside Service Center, and Oswald’s.

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