I Pity The Fool Who Messes With These Hornets


Dave Slavens and Chuck Hamilton are this seasons fifth and sixth grade Hornet Little League coaches for the Hackett 1 team. Together along with 8 unstoppable boys, they have a team chemistry thats unmatched.

#24 Hayden Foster

Hackett 1 is sitting on a 9-2 total season record. Hard work and determination has paid off for this team which is evident in their unyielding play every time they step out on to the court.

#50 Draden Best

The Hornets played against a spirited Mansfield team in Saturday’s match-up. Proving no warm-up time is needed, Hackett quickly put 18 points on the scoreboard in the first quarter.

#23 Landon Slavens and #24 Hayden Foster

Going into halftime with a score of 28-4 Hackett, the Hornets were only getting started. Leaving no time to allow the Tigers to get their feet under them, the Hornets flew up one side of the court and down the other, adding 10 more points in the third quarter.

#1 Bryson Hamilton

Ending the game 42-6 Hackett, it’s quite clear that this Hornets team means business. Leading the team in the double-digits was Hayden Foster with 18 points and Bryson Hamilton with 16 points. Adding to the final score was Draden Best with 4 points, Weston Garlin with 2 points and Jessie Perez with 2 points as well. The boys return for more domination on Saturday, February 9th in Charleston, when they take on Charleston 3 at 2 p.m.

#28 Jessie Perez and #0 Wyatt Oliver

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