How To Choose a Fitting Accent Wall Color


As you spend more time inside, you may gradually notice more and more things around the house you’d like to change. Perhaps it’s an awkward light fixture, a worn furnishing, or a dull wall that sparks the home improver in you. If you’re looking to spruce up your abode, you can never go wrong with a striking accent wall. Learn how to choose a fitting accent wall color to end up with the ideal dining, living, or working space—wherever you need some design flavor in your home.

Select the Right Wall

Painting the wrong wall with an accent color is the stuff that makes up interior designers’ nightmares. When it comes to selecting the best wall to give a pop of color to, a good rule of thumb is to use the first wall you notice when you enter the room. This wall will likely have a feature that draws attention to it, such as your bed’s headboard, a fireplace, or a bookcase. Applying a unique color to a wall that already catches folks’ attention will prevent the layout of the room from clashing and feeling too overwhelming.

Apply a Color Scheme to the Entire Room

When you’re learning how to choose a fitting accent wall color, a color scheme will prevent youfrom overdoing that color. Many homeowners utilize the 60-30-10 rule to strike a comforting balance of color in any room. This guideline suggests that 60 percent of the room be a neutral color, 30 percent showcase a second color, and the remaining 10 percent highlight your chosen accent color.

Match the Accent Color with the Room

An accent color is supposed to stand out, but you want to avoid selecting a color that appears out of place or that’s jarring with the rest of the room. To make the accent wall color feel cohesive, you can place décor with a touch of the distinctive hue throughout the room.

Your preferred color is also likely to differ based upon the room in which you’re putting it. For example, your kitchen may get more natural light than your bedroom, warranting a more vibrant color.

Choose a Color You Like

Painting an accent wall is one of the easiest ways to personalize your kitchen, your bedroom, and really any room you want to represent your personality. Researching popular paint hues is sure to be helpful in the brainstorming process, but the right choice ultimately depends on your personal taste.

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