How To Check Your Home for Storm Damage


As a homeowner, you already know how quickly small repairs around the house begin to add up. Because of this, severe storms can cause a lot of mental and financial stress; not only do you have to worry about potential damage to your house, but also keeping you and your family safe. Once the rain and winds subside, it’s important that you know how to check your home for storm damage.

Check the Roof

If you don’t have window access to your roof, you’ll need a ladder. Get up to the roof however you can to check for debris. Anywhere debris may be is an area you need to inspect, as remaining objects may be an indicator of a dent or hole in the roof. You may need to inspect your shingles, as damage may not be immediately apparent. Your shingles prevent water from getting into your home.

Check Exterior Walls

If you had heavy winds and hail, you need to take a look all around the exterior of your house for chipped paint and holes. While vinyl is generally a reliable material for the side of your home, hail can still do quite a bit of damage. Insulation damage is also possible with extreme rains consistent with hurricanes and can leave a large spiderweb-like series of cracks. This is a major part of knowing how to check your home for storm damage.

Check Your Windows

Leaks through windows are common. With harsh weather events, what may normally be a light draft or a small leak can quickly exacerbate and do some serious damage to your home. Check for wet spots on the floors beneath your windows and feel around to potential wet spots in the wall, as your insulation may be able to soak some of the water up. Fortunately, these repairs tend to be easier and less expensive to fix than other areas of potential damage.

Owning a home is a big part of the American dream. Everyone wants to be free from renting and have something they can call their own. Part of owning a home, though, is being responsible for it—so after a big storm, be sure you do everything you can to check it out and get minor repairs done as quickly as possible. It may be more than you’d like to spend, but it’s less than it will be if the damage goes unfixed!

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