Hornets Uncatchable Against Hector


All three of the Hackett teams that went up against the Hector Wildcats, walked away with a points blow-out. The Jr High boys played first and won 53-22. Cash Oliver led his team with a whopping 17 points. Like thieves in the night, the Hornets had 15 steals as a team. This win puts the Jr Hornets at 5-1 in conference play and will likely make them the conference runner-ups. Boys Coach Broc Adams said, “We hadn’t been playing real well and last night we played as hard as we’ve played all year and we did it as a team.”

The Sr High Hornets won 65-22. Avery Hester put 17 points on the scoreboard while Dylan Kats added 16. “Our whole team rebounded well,” said Coach Broc Adams. “We played the best defense I think we have played all year! We were very active and got a lot of deflections that led to steals. We are leading our conference and playing really well right now. I’m hoping we can build off the confidence from last night and make a run at Lavaca this Thursday night.”

Anthony Collins

The Lady Hornets successfully defended their home court defeating the Lady Wildcats 51-27. The girls upgraded their season record to 8-11 and their conference play record to 3-5. This was a much-needed win after falling short to Danville last week. The girls continue to polish their skills and will mentally and physically prepare to dominate the Lady Arrows.

Faith Thomas

The Jr High girls and both Sr High teams will play at home this Thursday, January 24 at 5 pm against the Lavaca Golden Arrows.

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