Hornets Say Goodbye To Long Time Coach Matt Whitsett


After 16 years, Hackett Hornet Defensive Coordinator and Bowling Coach, Matt Whitsett, is hanging up his Hornet wings and moving on. Coach Whitsett has accepted a job at Kimmons Junior High School in Fort Smith as the seventh-grade football, basketball, and track coach as well as the ninth grade assistant football coach. Along with that, he will be teaching PE and career orientation as a Keystone teacher.

Although heartbreaking, this move is a great opportunity that will be putting Coach Whitsett closer to home. Taking over his Hornet duties will be Ryan Pointer out of Alma. Longtime friend and coworker, Lonnie Hester, had this to say about Coach Whitsetts new adventure. “I want to wish Coach Matt Whitsett the very best and to let him know just how much we appreciate the impact he has made at Hackett. (I personally hate it because I’m selfish and don’t want us to lose him) I think most guys who came through our program would agree that Coach Whitsett is an amazing Coach that has definitely played a huge role in our success. Coach Whitsett, the Hornets will miss you, but we wish you all the best on your new adventure!”

Assuring the Hornets that he would most definitely be back for games, Coach Whitsett gave his final farewell. “Hackett is a wonderful place. I have nothing but good memories and good things to say about the administration, teachers, coaches, kids, and staff at the Hackett School District. I can’t thank Coach Hester, Coach Ray, and Coach Richardson enough for all the valuable knowledge I was able to gain while working with them over the years. This was an extremely tough decision for me but one that I feel is best for me at this stage in my career.”

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