Hornets and Bulldogs Taking It To The Hoops


Tonight at 4:30 p.m, the 7th grade, 8th grade, and JV Sr High Hackett Hornets will head south to take on the Waldron Bulldogs. With all of these teams doing well this season, you can expect a fast-paced high-intensity basketball match.

Hacketts Head boys’ Coach Broc Adams had this to say about tonight’s game, “Thursday is just a get better day for us. Our 7th graders have gotten a lot of games in this year and have improved a ton so we are just looking to continue that trend. The 8th graders have been kind of stuck behind this big group of 9th graders so it is good to get them out on the floor and get a look at what they can do against other teams! Waldron is a good basketball team and well coached so competing against a school a little bigger will be tough but will also push us to play better!”

The Jr Bulldogs are coming off of a 41-23 win against Lincoln and they are looking to keep that trend going. Bulldogs Head Coach Josh Atchley is proud of his team this season and how they have competed. He expects them to continue playing their best basketball to finish out the year.

Jr girls Head Coach Hannah Scantling is expecting a good game from her girls. “All of my 7th graders play really hard. I’m proud of their eagerness to learn and get better. I have seen improvements each time they play. My 8th graders have been working hard in practice and it shows on the court. Tonight will be a great game.”

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