Hometown “Pride”


By Jason Baggett

There was a day when the city streets, and the windows of businesses were adorned with paint and colorful words. I remember it, plainly. “Go team Go!” or “Beat This Team!” It was a beautiful sight.

This is one thing you can’t blame social media for. In fact, we as society are to blame. Can we blame laziness, or the idea that’s “how it used to be” would be the perfect escape goat.

The simple fix is this… Hometown Pride starts with the people, the community, and the businesses. It’s that easy.

You can’t build a tradition if you’re waiting for someone else to do it. NO! YOU, have to start it somewhere, somehow.

If you look at the schools, and towns that WIN, they have a solid tradition or foundation of support that combines members of the community, and the businesses. They work in unison, for one cause…… PRIDE.

It’s NOT a money thing.

Imagine this, if you will. All sports, clubs, and associations play a vital role in the economy, and community involvement. Think about the mental warfare it would have on our opponents if the streets were adorned with “hometown pride,”  and if the stands were full when the opposing team walks out. Or, when our fan base rolls into their town as a large assembly of unified support. It would make a difference.

What if the audience was standing room only at a play, or band recital?

Are we too busy to support the town that we want to prosper?



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