Highway 22 Roadside Attraction


By Jack James

Every area, perhaps every town has something to brag about, something unique.

On Highway 22 you will find a one of a kind roadside attraction: a gigantic beer can silo. On Highways 22 and 96, you will find the Belle Point Ranch.  Back in 1975-76, Earl Harris, Sr., a local farmer and beer distributor had one of his silos painted to look like a gigantic Budweiser beer can.

They claim that the silo would hold 8,734,902 fluid ounces of beer, enough to fill eight swimming pools. While that may sound wonderful to some, I am sorry to tell you that it doesn’t hold a drop of brew.  The silo was featured in a Budweiser beer commercial at one time and it still stands on the ranch property after some forty-three years.

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