Henson Utilizes “Santa Cam” for Education, and Fun


Mansfield Elementary School third grade teacher, Lisa Henson has not only devoted her life to educating our children, but sees Christmas as a time for learning, and having fun.

Henson, who has a special relationship with Santa, is utilizing a Santa Cam with her students this year. The camera relays images straight to the North Pole in real time. Henson says that the camera itself is very special to not only her, but to the kids.

“They react to the Santa Cam knowing whose watching on the other side of the camera. It’s a lot of fun for us all” stated Henson.

A key fact about the Santa Cam is that it’s always on, and it doesn’t miss a thing. So, be aware of this when you visit the Elementary school before, and after Christmas.

Thank you, Mrs. Henson. We appreciate you, and all that you, and our teachers do each day for our kids, and our community.


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