Hecox Joins Resident Press


Megan Hecox has recently joined Resident Press staff to lead our efforts of becoming more well rounded in all aspects of news, specifically pertaining to a sports, and athletic centered news.

Her passion, and work ethic parallel her commitment to her family, and community which gives her a special perspective that will accentuate our current focus of online media.

Megan’s family is tightly grounded to the Mansfield sports and school programs. But, her knowledge and passion for the games, players, parents and coaches are readily apparent in her demeanor, and drive.

Resident Press Owner, Jason Baggett stated, “We knew going into Summer we had to find someone that could cover sports for the upcoming year and do it in a professional manner. Megan recognizes that sports is a coverage area that affects the schools, players, coaches, and their families as well as our readership as a whole. Welcome to RP, Megan.”

For all sports related content, contact Megan Hecox directly by clicking HERE

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