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Who doesn’t love sweets, pasta, rice, potatoes and all that makes you feel good? And the choices! You can see and probably imagine how good these cream puffs would be.

As I look back on my own life, I can see the mistakes I’ve made with food. Some people get to the point of seeing food as a means of satisfying the appetite. But, did it start there or has there been something else fueling our eating?

Even as recent as 50 years ago, the average American diet came from home-grown vegetables, fruit and wild or raised animals for meat. Many homes shared their bounty with neighbors and those who did not have a cow for milking shared that as well.

Something started changing back then, the change to
convenience foods. These were foods that were prepared in a factory with
chemical additives for preservation and adding back in chemical vitamins
because the natural vitamins were lost through processing.

According to Deb Proven-Martin of Sustain Your Life, “Our
quality of life has greatly decreased and little by little, due to lack of
nutrients, we are shortening our life span.”

Deb shares that every piece of food we eat will either harm
or help our bodies. It will either feed and repair our cells or it will cause
damage to those cells.

Today, on the store shelves, we see many words used to market
a product: healthy, low-fat, all natural, no hormones added, whole grain, no
sugar added, real fruit juice and there are more labels. Are there really
health benefits to these labels?

We will continue to explore the transition of food products
and the effects on our health, so be watching.

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