Hackett Robotics is a SUCCESS!!!!!


Darrell Spells, RP Contributor (Hackett)

Above, Hackett Sixth grader Presley Cumbie,is all smiles at the Hackett Robotics Thursday night.

According to Hackett elementary principal, Tura Bailey their first annual Robotics night was a huge success.

Bailey noted they initially planned for around fifty people, but over two hundred attended.

Coding the robotics is taught starting in Kindergarten. The classes became so popular that a coding club was formed. Bailey said that the school has partnered with Steven Brodie of the UAFS stem center to help with the projects. Kids throughout the cafeteria were excitedly showing their parents and guests projects they created.

Hackett student Wyatt Duboise (right) shows Trini Harper (left) Lego Wedo 2.0

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