Hackett Police Department hosts Instructor Development Class


Darrell Spells, RP Contributor

The Hackett Police Department recently hosted Instructor Development training at the Hackett Fire Department Community Center.

Numerous departments were represented including Sebastian County Sheriffs Office, Waldron Police Department, and Huntington PD.

Officers learned skills to incorporate in future classes that they will be certified to teach.

“There’s a wealth of knowledge among these officers. Speaking in front of people can sometimes be nerve racking, but these officers were very comfortable. They’re great assets to their respective departments. Hopefully the training they received this week will benefit those departments”, Hackett Police Chief Spells said.

Officers were able to display their teaching skills on such topics as Sovereign Citizens, K9 training, and Interviewing techniques.

K9 Officer Randy White of Sebastian County Sheriffs Office, and his partner Asi

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