Hackett High School Awards Ceremony


Mrs. Schmitt -Family and Consumer Sciences Awards

1)  Family and Consumer Science, Ivy Goines

2)  Orientation to Teaching I, Emily Silva

3)  Clothing Management, Asia Parks

4)  Financial Literacy, Cierra Jeremiah

5)  Foods and Nutrition, Kandace Byrd

6)  Foods and Nutrition, Angel Hart

7)  (2 awards) Parenting and Child Development, Kelby Carter

Mrs. Opolka – Business Education awards

1)  Key Code “Top Keyboarder”, Jacob Garner

2)  Key Code “Top Keyboarder”, Lily Slavens

3)  Key Code “Top Keyboarder”, Rainey McCarthy

4)  Key Code “Top Coder”, Maysen Duboise

5)  Key Code “Top Coder”, Samantha Moss

6)  Key Code “Top Coder”, Kaelea Halsey

7)  Key Code “Top Coder”, Avery Bobbitt

8)  Computer Business Applications, John Joyce

9)  Computer Business Applications, Kelby Carter

10)  Computer Business Applications, Bryer Duboise

11)  Computer Business Applications, Taylor Glass

12)  Computer Business Applications, Ivy Goines

13)  Social Media Communications, Sydnie Opolka

14)  Social Media Communications, Cass Moquett

15)  Digital Communications III and IV, Megan Howard

16)  (2 awards) Digital Communications III and IV and Social Media Communications, Aaron Silva

Mrs. Wilson – Art awards

1)  Art 1 – Most Creative Artist, Ashton Efurd

2)  Art Appreciation – Most Creative Artist, Caitlin Sabatucci

Mrs. Hester – EAST award

1)  Outstanding EAST Student, Cass Moquett

Ms. Gillett – Online Lab Awards

1)  Online Spanish I, Brevan Stiefel

2)  Online Computer Coding, Emily Slavens

Mrs. Gutierrez – English awards

1)  7th Grade English, Kyleigh Hill

2)  7th Grade English, Gabe Hice

3)  7th Grade Most Improved Writing, Avery McClure

4)  8th Grade English, Shiloh Anderson

5)  8th Grade English, Cogan Hester

6)  8th Grade Most Improved Writing, Josh Dunkerson

Mrs. Sangster –  English awards

1)  Pre-AP English I, Angel Hart

2)  Pre-AP English I, Brooke Holt

3)  Oral Communications, Emily Slavens

4)  Oral Communications, Stacy Carpenter

5)  Journalism, Hunter Christenberry

Mrs. Shackelford –  English awards

1)  Creative Writing, Sophia Neal

2)  Creative Writing, Shiloh Anderson

3)  Creative Writing, Kaelea Halsey

4)  Creative Writing, Jake Fisher

5)  10th Grade English, Sydney Widmer

6)  10th Grade English, Brevan Stiefel

7)  Pre-AP 10th Grade English, Ashton Efurd

8)  Pre-AP 10th Grade English, Hunter Christenberry

9)  11th Grade English, Joy Colwell

10)  11th Grade English, Kallie Turney

Mrs. Freeman – English awards

1) Creative Writing I Fall, Presley Cumbie

2) Creative Writing I Spring, Jacob Garner

3) AP English Language and Composition, Emily Slavens

4) AP English Language and Composition, Aaron Silva

Coach Hester –  Science award

1)  7th Grade Science, Avery McClure

Coach Whitsett – Science awards

1)  8th Grade Science, Lauren Moran

2)  8th Grade Science, Madeline Freeman

3)  8th Grade Science, Kaelea Halsey

4)  8th Grade Science, Mason Oelke

5)  8th Grade Science, Kade Banning

Mr. Stone – Science awards

1)  Physical Science, Stacy Carpenter

2)  Pre AP Physical Science, Brooke Holt

3)  Biology, Brevan Stiefel

Mr. Sheets –  Science awards

1)  Pre AP Biology, Tomey Carpenter

2)  Chemistry, Asia Parks

3)  Physics, Aaron Silva

Mrs. Thornburg –  Math awards

1)  7th Grade Math, Kyleigh Hill

2)  7th Grade Math, Ashbie Gutierrez

3)  7th Grade Math, Mackenzie Mendenhall

4)  7th Grade Math, Gabe Hice

5)  8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Kinlee Null

6)  8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Madeline Freeman

7)  8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Juan Fajardo

8)  8th Grade Pre-Algebra, Mason Oelke

Coach Foster –  Math awards

1)  Algebra I, Stacy Carpenter

2)  Algebra I, Brooke Holt

3)  Algebra I, Kiersten Elmore

4)  Algebra I, Sarah Moss

5)  Algebra I, Colby Sabatucci

Mrs. Cooper –  Math awards

1)  Bridge to Algebra II, Daniel Hunter

2)  Algebra II, Torri Sherman

3)  Algebra II, Veera Varhama

4)  Algebra II, Polung “Eric” Chang

5)  Algebra II, Tomey Carpener

6)  Pre-AP Algebra II, Emily Couch

7)  Pre-AP Algebra II, Brevan Stiefel

Mr. Pierce – Math awards

1)  Geometry, Marissa Haynes

2)  Geometry, Brevan Stiefel

3)  Geometry, Briar Goines

4)  Pre-Calculus, Emily Slavens

5)  Pre-Calculus, Aaron Silva

Coach Richardson – Social Studies awards

1)  8th Grade History, Victoria Smith

2)  8th Grade History, Madeline Freeman

3)  8th Grade History, Kinlee Null

4)  8th Grade History, Lauren Moran

5)  8th Grade History, Sarah White

6)  8th Grade History, Shayla Foster

7)  8th Grade History, Peyton Hester

8)  8th Grade History, Cogan Hester

9)  8th Grade History, Mason Oelke

10)  8th Grade History, Jake Fisher

Mr. Woodhull –  Social Studies and Cadet Core awards

1)  Cadet Core Outstanding Leadership, Pacey McBride

2)  7th grade Geography, Piper Dugan

3)  Economics, Stacy Carpenter

4)  Civics, Brooke Holt

Mr. Clark –  Social Studies awards

1)  World History, Asia Parks

2)  World History, Noah Boster

3)  U.S. History, Cobe Neal

4)  AP U.S. History, Aaron Silva

Ms. Welch –  Citizenship awards

The Citizenship awards are voted on by our teachers and awarded to a junior high boy and girl and a senior high boy and girl that best represent the ideal behavior of our students here at Hackett High School.

Junior High Girl Citizenship Award, Kiersten Elmore

Junior High Boy Citizenship Award, Dalton Colwell

The Senior high girl and boy award winners were both seniors, so they were recognized last week.  But, I will also recognize them today even though they won’t be in attendance.

Senior High Girl Citizenship Award, Cassie Bell

Senior High Boy Citizenship Award, John Parnell

On behalf of Hackett High School, congratulations to all of the students that received an award today. Thank you to all of the guests that were in attendance.





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