Hackett Deflates Decatur


When you have a good thing going, you start to concern yourself with doubts. The momentum keeping the train on the tracks is sufficient, but once doubt sets in, the tracks start coming apart. That’s not the case with the Hackett Hornets.

In fact, the support from the community, the solid foindation from the coaching staff, and the eagerness found in the Hornet squad defends the doubt, yet grounds them to the realities that each win is earned, not given.

Last Friday Night, the Hornets traveled to Decatur where their momentum carried onto the field, and into the final score of 58-27 leaving the Decatur Bulldogs deflated.

Ely Stormes (6 TD’s) 8 of 13 passing for 127 yards, with five TD’s, and 1 -34yd rushing TD

Brady Hester (2 TD’s) 93 yards with 3 catches

Robert Collins (2 TD’s) 43 yards on 2 catches (also a fumble recovery on Defense)

Anthony Collins (1 TD) 24 yard rushing TD

Pacey Mcbride (1-TD) 19 yards on four carries, and 17 yards on 2 receptions

Beau Nelson had a 5yd “scoop & score” for a TD

Malachi Crone had the Quarterback sack causing the fumble leading to a 36 yard fumble recovery that set up a TD.

Congratulations Hornets!

The Hornets will host the Danville LIttle Johns this week at home.

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