Hackett City Council – December


The Hackett City Council held it’s monthly city council on December 15th at 6:00pm at Hackett City Hall

Chief Spells gave a report on the Police Departments Hackett Helping Hands Campaign. Chief Spells also recognized several donors who have contributed the last two years. A plaque was presented to Bettye Schneider for her generous donations of clothing to the campaign.

The fire department reported on the success of the recent Christmas party and also possible solutions to problems with the tanker truck.

The council heard from Gary Grimes who discussed the possibility of the loss of GIF funding. The council approved a motion expressing their opposition and a letter will be drafted and sent to the Governors office. Grimes also noted that the city received a grant for $9,500 for a new sign marquee that will be in front of city hall.

The council also approved payment for the new parking structure behind city hall.

The council also approved the salary rates discussed in the salary discussion meeting held recently.

New parking structure behind City Hall.


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