Guilt Free Slushies


Last week, we shared with you Kool-Aid slushies to serve by the poolside. This week, we are bringing you guilt free slushies if you are watching the calories. So, break out the blender and get ready for a guilt-free treat!
1 Cup of Cold Water
1 Crystal Light Drop In of Your Choice
2 Cups of Ice
Fruit of Your Choice

First, pour your cold water into the blender. Next, add your Crystal Light Drop-In. I used Wild Strawberry for my flavoring. These possibilities are endless! The stores sell so many different kinds of sugar free drop-ins. Now, add your ice. Blend until smooth. Last, before serving, drop in some pieces of your favorite fruit! Enjoy!

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Kimberly Boyd

Kimberly Boyd

In life, I have found the things that matter the most to me would be my faith in God, family and friends. However, each of these things and people always need to be accompanied with a big dose of laughter, lots of fun, good music, and tons of yummy delicious food! What better way to enjoy each moment in life?

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