Greenwood Farmers Market has good turnout


While the weather was hotter than it’s been, there was a nice breeze to counteract the heat at the Greenwood Farmers Market this past Saturday with a lot of people coming to browse and purchase.

Looking out at the tents that were set up, there were more
vendors than there has been last month because of the rains.

On Saturday June 1, Taylor Dunavin was pleased with the turnout of vendors and public. Even though she was expecting more vendors to be there, the recent floods and the need for volunteers was more important and for that she was glad.

There was a church group, Greenwood First Assembly of God,
who was raising money with baked goods, to help with feeding the needy and flood
victims in the Fort Smith/River Valley area.

East Hills Middle School Robotics Club was also doing a
fundraiser with a “slice the price” card.

Other items at the Farmers Market were pottery, jewelry, jams,
jellies, other baked goods, body and facial scrubs, wreaths, crocheted “produce”
items, pictures, custom-made tents, handmade aprons, custom painted signs,
handcrafted canes and walking sticks, plants, custom essential oils and more.
The vendor produce that was expected for this day was utilized to feed flood

At the next Farmers Market on June 15, there will be a
watermelon eating contest with prize money from the entries.

According to Taylor, the fresh produce vendors will be there as well, which is what a lot of people are waiting for. She invites everyone to come and support Greenwood on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month through October.

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