Going Home Again


It was bound to happen: a retired librarian and a retired
history teacher join forces to record the previous days in the history of their
hometown of Mansfield, Arkansas.

There is a Facebook site where people visit and begin a
sentence or two, “Remember when?” 
Sometimes everyone can recall a time; photo or thought but, sometimes
few or none can answer your question. 
For some reason, people hoard their photos or Family Bibles in fear that
a relative might want them.  (It happened
in my family.)  These old friends got to
thinking that they should rattle the bushes and shake loose some of those
photos people surely had, deep in the bottom of the closets.

Beverly Boyd Jeffery, daughter of Darlene and the late
Frank Boyd of Mansfield, was quick to jump headfirst in the idea of a meeting
of anyone who might have a memory and wished to share it.  With Beverly’s heritage, she knows news and
made the rounds to all of the area.  I,
Jack James, just showed up, pretty much. 

At the strike of 1 PM on Friday, March 1, tables began
filling up with a vast array of wonderful memories captured by
photography!  People peppered in and out
of the Mansfield City Hall for over two-and-a-half hours looking to share a
story or to reminisce about our collective pasts.  For a first try at such a project of
collecting shareable information, I think we all did a pretty good job!

All of our findings will be shared here at Resident
Press.  Don’t forget to link family and
friends to our site!  If you’d like to
share a memory or scanned photo with us, you are very welcomed to do so by
sending them to: jackwjames@aol.com. Thanks
to the Mansfield City Hall for letting us use a space and to everyone who came
and shared!

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One Reply to “Going Home Again”

  1. Beverly D. Jeffery says:

    I really enjoyed learning some things about the history of my hometown that I had never heard before. I wish my Daddy, Frank, and my cousin, Jerry Overton, could be here to add their knowledge to our search. They would be so glad to see us sharing and sending forward what has been from the beginning.

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