Garrison, Contender for Scott County Sheriff


By Tammy Moore Teague

Mansfield Police Department’s Corporal Tom Garrison is running as an independent candidate for Scott County Sheriff. Garrison, 57, is a native of Scott County and has called the county home for the past 44 years.

Family, faith and law enforcement–the three words that would best describe him. “I am a family man and a Christian,” Garrison said. He and his wife Jeanette have been married for 39 years. Together they have two sons, Michael and Blake Garrison. Michael and his wife Sarah have twins, Billy and Dakota.

Garrison has a long standing career in law enforcement, which includes over 16 years. He built his career from a reserve officer. He was eventually hired as a part time officer,  then became full time with Mansfield PD.  Currently Garrison is a Corporal and is a fully certified law enforcement officer. He takes every opportunity to continue that training including that of an active shooter. “I feel it’s very important to be able to protect our youth in schools. I have a heart for Scott county and feel that I can make a difference within the county and combat the drug problem.”

In addition to his law enforcement experience, Garrison has served on the Quorum Court in Scott County for six years, familiarizing him with the county. “With my past experience I feel I am qualified to deal with many different situations. I feel like I can lead the Sheriffs Department in a good direction,” Garrison concluded.

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  1. Susan Orman says:

    I hope he gets the job. Really nice man and he is qualified.

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