From The Heart Of A Local Pastor


Local Pastor, Jordan Martin, shares his heart in the following devotion.

From The Heart Of A Local Pastor

I love my wife, and the joy our relationship brings. We are a great team, whether we are raising our kids, doing church ministry, or even goofing off and having fun together. I’d also love to say that we never argue or disagree, but that is, of course, not the case. But, even in our worst moments, we have always found a way to work things out and reconcile, because our true love and commitment to each other has always been stronger than any mistakes or temporary feelings that might otherwise try to tear us apart. It is always a sad and heartbreaking thing when a relationship once built on mutual love and trust is broken due to the sin, selfishness, and mistakes of one or both people. But it is a joyous moment when a damaged relationship is restored through confession and forgiveness.

One of my favorite Christmas carol lyrics is from “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” which proclaims the good news of “God and sinners reconciled.” God designed humanity to be in relationship with Him. We are meant to know God and to be the beacon that proclaims His glory to the cosmos. Unfortunately, our sin has severed that relationship, leaving us alone in this world, without purpose or hope. Which is why the good news of Christmas is indeed the best news of all time. God took on flesh, to be born among us, to live without sin, to pay the price for OUR sin, so that we could be forgiven, made new, and be brought back into relationship with the Creator. “God and sinners reconciled!”

If you are going through this world without a relationship with Jesus Christ, then I would plead with you now to consider giving your life to Him. There is no better time than the Christmas season to consider your relationship with God and, if needed, find forgiveness and reconciliation with Him through the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Christians, there is also no better time for us to be His people, to proclaim the gospel, to be ambassadors for Christ. Let us share the good news with joy, for all people to hear it! Merry Christmas, and God bless.

                                                                 The Martin Family

A little about Pastor Jordan Martin…

Pastor Jordan Martin was raised here in Mansfield and recently moved back to town in February when he began to pastor at Palestine Baptist Church.  Pastor Jordan is licensed and ordained for pastoral ministry by Glendale Baptist Church in Booneville, Arkansas.  Martin served for almost five years previously at Glendale as the Associate Pastor before leaving to Pastor at Palestine.

Pastor Jordan is married to Susan Martin.  They have been married for thirteen years and have four beautiful kids:  Jonah, age 10, who attends Mansfield Middle School; Annabelle, age 9, who attends Mansfield Elementary; Elizabeth age 4 and Oliver age 2.  Susan works at Today’s Bank in Mansfield and Pastor Jordan substitute teaches for Mansfield Schools while pastoring full time.  Their hobbies are sports, video games with the kids, and running.

When Resident Press asked Pastor Jordan Martin why and when did you feel like you were called into the ministry, he replied, “I gave my life to Christ at 12 years old and felt the call to ministry as a teenager.  I’m convinced God chose to use me for ministry despite, and because of, my weaknesses and shortcomings!”

Palestine Baptist church service times are Sunday Morning Sunday School at 10 A.M. and Worship Service at 11 A.M.  Then Sunday night, they have a bible study starting at 6 P.M.  On Wednesday nights, they have a meal, worship, and a bible study for children and youth starting at 6 P.M. also.

Palestine Baptist Church is located at 1207 Young Ridge of Greenwood. The church is located in the out skirts of Mansfield right off Hwy 71.


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