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Spring is close, daylight saving time is this weekend.

I’m sure most everybody has noticed the new cell tower being built across the road from Faith Chapel. The tower is owned by Verizon. The foundation was built by PDQ Tower Services out of Grain Valley, MO. From what the city has been told, this is going to upgrade Verizon to 5G in Hartford and the surrounding area, further expanding technology and benefitting everyone.

Rich Galyen, Public Works Director, and Chief Bolin have been able to find a rescue organization called Artemis that will take the dogs from our city kennel and save them. Thank you Artemis.

In the city council meeting for February, we passed the interlocal dispatch agreement with the county. We also discussed the Mansfield wastewater rate increase and the Broadway Street water extension. The city council also voted on three ordinances: water, animal and clean up. Copies of these ordinances are available to the citizens and property owners of Hartford.

Since spring is in the air, the city is evaluating what streets are going to get repaired. We are also going to be doing some preliminary work on some of the culverts running under our streets for the up coming asphalt project the city and state are going to do this summer. The city is expecting to get 1st Street/4th Street, Walnut Street/Hartman Street and the section of Pine Street between Mcloud and Spradling Streets, which is currently dirt, all overlaid with new asphalt. We were hoping to also do Cherry and Maple Street, but just couldn’t stretch the funds that far. We are also still working on grants to renovate the old city jail and library buildings, along with a new water tower or, at least, renovate the current tower. This has become a practice in patients.

Monday, February 24, Judy Adair, Rich Galyen and myself attended the Hackett School Board meeting. At the meeting, Liquid Love ministries made their offer on the Hartford School campus and the school board was agreeable and will present the offer to the state for their approval. We are one step closer to having a worthy organization occupying the Hartford School campus.

Hartford, a city with a view–Mayor Larry Hall

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Tammy Teague

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