Fjellsol Brings “Art Says ” to RAM in Fort Smith


Jason Baggett, Resident Press Editor

Liv Fjellsol is a wife, a mother, a friend, and an accomplished artist who graduated from Mansfield High School in 1992, but now lives in her home in native Norway. Li’vs paintings were recently put on display at the Fort Smith Regional Art Museum (RAM), which closes April 2nd. Her artwork can be seen in her latest book, “Art Says”,  available here.

Last week, we met up with LIv at the exhibit to join her in this experience, and to see first hand what her art looks like in person. “My art, is for people, and myself. I want people to enjoy it, and smile” said Fjellsol.

Her art is a reflection of society, and personal experiences, which were all enjoyed by a large crowd of guests. Liv walked around the exhibit floor receiving many compliments and questions, all greeted by an authentic Norwegian accent, and a smile.

Mansfield native, and “hometown family” Ann Hall Eyerman (left), laughs as Fort Smith Mayor, Sandy Sanders (right) tells a story to Liv (center) at RAM Fort Smith. (Photo credit: Karen Campbell)

1992 MHS Graduate, and Sgt. Mark Mergen SRO, Greenwood Police Dept poses beside one of Liv’s paintings “The Thin Blue Line.”

Each of Fjellsol’s paintings, are accompanied with text that tells a story, or coincides with the art. Below. Sgt. Mergen wrote a heartfelt opinion on the “Thin Blue Line.” Liv portrayed the text by painting an egg, which is fragile in nature, resting on a Thin Blue Line. (reference above image)

Liv, and her daughter (wearing a Senior Class T-shirt from 1992), pose with Classmates Tonya Wagoner (left), and Kandis Howard (right) during her visit to the Mansfield Basketball Homecoming.

(Photo credit: Karen Campbell)

Thanks for inviting us to tag along at your art exhibit, Liv. We’re extremely proud of you, and your accomplishments. We wish you safe travels, and many smiles that your art brings to all who are fortunate to enjoy it.

Liv can be contacted via her website.

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  1. Robert Gage says:

    Thank You, Jason, Mark, and Liv. I enjoyed this very much.

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