First Responder Helps Save Property


Article by Darrell Spells

With the summer months upon us nothing can cool you off better than a quick trip to the lake in your boat.

Thanks to the efforts of Sugarloaf First Responder Pam Carter, her sister’s family can still do that.

Pam heard the call of a fire on Mt. Zion road in Hackett. Carter recognized the address and rushed to the scene ahead of Hackett Fire Department who were in route.

When Carter arrived, she saw the flames getting close to the boat. Carter began stomping the fire out with her boot as additional firefighters arrived on scene.

Carter is a shining example of the dedication of volunteer fire departments in our area. These men and women answer the call at all hours of the night and day.

The majority of them also have full time jobs. Thanks to Pam Carter of Sugarloaf Fire and Hackett Fire Department for the rapid response and continued dedication to the citizens of Sebastian County.

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