Fiddle-Fartin’ With Hecox: To Coffee Or Not To Coffee


For as long as I can remember, coffee has always been both a necessity and comfort in my life. Growing up, my mother never left the house without finishing a pot of coffee first. Her father was the same way. So I guess I come by it naturally. It’s a running joke in my household with my 12-year-old, 14-year-old, and husband that unless you want to die, DON’T talk to mom before she has had her coffee. I even have a sign hanging in the kitchen that says “Well, bless your little heart…Did you say something before I finished my coffee?”

In my house, we drink coffee in the morning. We drink coffee in the evening. We drink coffee when company comes over. We drink coffee during birthday parties and holidays. We drink coffee during every season of every day. Coffee is not only a staple in my household, its a way of life! But I know many people who not only don’t drink coffee, but they can function without it. I know, it blows my mind too!

Not everybody in the “Coffee Club” is the same though. There are those who like their coffee strong, black, and thick like Castrol oil and then there are those who like a little coffee with their creamer. Those who drink a shot of espresso and those who drink their coffee from a bucket with a straw. Sometime drinkers and every time drinkers. With 30 types of coffee in the world and many types of flavors, variations, and aromas, a coffee lover can spend the majority of their lives trying new kinds of coffee and never get bored.

As I stated before, there are households that prefer tea over coffee. Or soda over tea. Or just plain water only. So what is it about coffee that makes a person either love it or hate it? Is it an acquired taste? Is it a habit? Or is it simply a state of mind that tells us we can’t leave the house until at least four cups of joe have been consumed? As for me, I’m going to grab another cup of coffee, fiddle-fart around, and continue pondering life’s simple mysteries!

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    I’m a black man myself. I think one of the reasons I love coffee so much is because as a kid I was not allowed to drink coffee but when me and my dad went fishing he would let me drink coffee. So for me drinking coffee comes with good memories.

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