Family Still Homeless After Flooding


When the historic flooding in late May of this year started, Bill and Ramona Wilson saw that the banks of the Vache Grass creek were rising too quickly. Just west of their home in Central City, the Wilson’s gathered friends and moved all their possessions from their family home. That was a smart thing to do because, when it was all said and done, river water stood about doorknob high in their house. Their home was lucky for on the other side of the creek off of the Arkansas River, in part, as the waters rose over the roof of two homes.

Wilson and friends began removing all of the ruined boards from in and outside the house until four feet of the siding, but mold ruined what was left. On Saturday, September 7, bulldozers pushed the remaining structure into a pit they had prepared.

The house was home to Bill Wilson for at least 37 years, He had moved the house there and remodeled it. The event was “bittersweet” according to a post by Ramona Wilson. The home that the Wilson family knew was gone but a new one will be built in its place with an open floor plan. “I’ll have to put retirement off for a few more years,” she wrote to when interviewed.

Several other families are facing the demolition of their homes in the near future around this area. We hope this 500-year flooding will be at least that long in the future.

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