Enterprising Athletes Quietly Organize Fundraising Effort


Surprise donation… Alyssa Frasher, Amanda Lasavath, Kami Crabtree, and Harleigh Mars present Coach John Mackey with a monetary donation for the Mansfield track team. The four Lady Tiger athletes organized their own fundraiser to surprise the coach and the team.

Many a Mansfield Middle School student got a chance to rock and roll last Friday night. A fundraising dance held at the MMS old gym was organized exclusively by four enterprising Lady Tiger athletes with a two-fold objective in mind. One, the eighth grade entrepreneurs wanted a chance for classmates and others to enjoy a bit of fun before the Christmas break. Two, the group secretly wanted to raise money as a surprise gift for their athletic program.

Mission accomplished! Both fun and funds were generated to the delight of students dancing the night away, and to the team they wished to support.

On the following Monday, the four enterprising girls amazed their coach by presenting him a deposit slip for $529.50.

“This is for the track team,” announced a collective vocal from Harleigh Mars, Amanda Lasavath, Alyssa Frasher, and Kami Crabtree. “We did this for you and the track team.”

 It was a jaw dropping moment confessed John Mackey, Mansfield’s head track coach and recipient of the news.

“I was floored with the donation,” said Mackey. “I had no idea these young ladies were up to so much good. I remember they asked me weeks ago if they could miss a workout to set up for a dance. I want them to be well rounded and volunteer for other organizations so I said yes. I had no idea they were secretly plotting to help our own team.”

Mars, Vasavath, Frasher, and Crabtree were the four main athletes in charge. They secured donations of food and drink, organized the use of facilities, coaxed a collection of chaperons, and found the entertainment. Middle school teachers Summer Martin, and Malinda Wesley assisted the girls in their mission.

“It’s funny,” stated Mackey as he reflected on a team building exercise some of the athletes attended this summer. “Harleigh was with us when we talked about random acts of kindness this past summer. It must have meant something to her. How cool is that, that several months later she was involved in such an act?”

Track and field, one of the most decorated of all the sports at Mansfield over the past decade, will certainly put the funds to good use. At press time, Coach was already checking the list for needs and wants. Just for good measure since it’s that time of year, he may even check it twice.

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