EAST Students Work Hard To Help The Community To Receive Free Fire Alarms


Mansfield EAST Class Students working on this project are from L to R: Logan Yoss, Robert Smith, and Dustin Holland.

The Mansfield High School EAST Classroom is teaming up with the American Red Cross and the Department of Emergency Management & Public Safety to help our community by preventing unnecessary deaths due to house fires. They are offering free smoke alarms to anyone who does not have one or would like to have their old alarms replaced. These alarms have a 10 year battery and will be installed in your home at no charge. All students of the Mansfield School District will be sent home with a flyer this week to be filled out and returned to the school by Friday, March 1st. Anyone else who does not have a student in the district is encouraged to get their free fire alarm by contacting Annette Smith at asmith@mansfieldtigers.org or calling the Mansfield High School at 479-928-1105. You will need to provide your name, address and phone number when you contact the school. The EAST students will then contact you to set up a date to install the fire alarms in your home. 

EAST (Education Accelerated by Service and Technology) is a
technology driven, student led, service based, collaborative class in which all
learners have the opportunity to have relevant, individualized, life changing
educational experience. Students develop and implement community service based
projects they create using cutting edge technology.

EAST Students working on this project are pictured above from left to right: Logan Yoss, Robert Smith, and Dustin Holland. 

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