Dobbs Exemplifies Community


Article , and photos by Erica Hodges

As the 2016-2017 school year winded down for Hackett, a familiar face is already looking forward to next year.

This person can be found every morning, and afternoon, rain or shine, near Hackett Elementary ensuring that parents, and children utilize the crosswalk safely, and watches for motorists who are dropping off kids. His name is Al Dobbs.

Referencing the above image, Dobbs poses with Remington Hodges as we keep a close eye on the traffic, and the kids going to school.

He’s not employed by Hackett School District, or the City of Hackett. He does it on his own time, and for no payment.

Mr. Dobbs will be 82 next month. He is retired from coal mining, and a retired custodian from the Ft. Smith School District. He lives in Hackett with his wife Cheryl.

Mr. Dobbs was honored with a plaque for his service, and a gift card during Hackett awards ceremony last Friday.

Thank you, Mr. Dobbs for putting the safety of our children first, and foremost and for donating your time. We’ll see you in August, at the crosswalk.

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